What’s it about?

pexels-photo-461077.jpegThis blog should show benefits, applications and use cases of sensors we use every day. Our smart devices are constantly improving and support us in reaching our step-goals, calculate our calorie expenditure, tell us in which floor we currently are, send us location or time-based reminders ā€“ or simply make our lives more comfortable and easy. However, behind all these useful features we take for granted, amazing technology is responsible for that.

So, for one, I want to explain how the current features work, but I also want to share my ideas on how this technology can be used for different use cases. Due to the fact, that I have some experience with environmental sensors, which include pressure -, humidity -, temperature -, and gas-sensors, I will mostly talk about those. Nevertheless, for some use cases I see a huge potential and sometimes even a necessity to combine for example environmental sensors with inertial sensors.

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